Sandstone Layers FrontSandstone Layers BackSandstone Layers Detail"SANDSTONE LAYERS" 2009 (Sold/Private Collection)

Handwoven 8 shaft comgination weave structure, silk, rayon, and cotton. Handdyed with MNX dyes. Unlined. Couched details, handworked buttonholes. Vintage belt by Nina Gelardi. Jacket pattern from Burda



Splash FrontSplash DetailSplash Back"SPLASH" 2009

Handwoven 8 shaft combination twill structure, silk lined, modified Vogue pattern.

The fabric for this dress was leftover from the Designers' Challenge, Convergence 2008 Tampa Bay. Yarns dyed by Prism Yarns.


Arctic Sky FrontArctic Sky BackArctic Sky Detail"ARCTIC SKY" 2009

Handwoven 8 shaft twill variation, wool, cotton, synthetic. Nuno felt piping. Ultrasuede buttonholes and pocket trim. Couched details with embroidery floss. Silk lined. Pattern from burda.



Leaves and Berries FrontLeaves and Berries BackLeaves and Berries Front DetailLeaves and Berries Back Detail"LEAVES AND BERRIES COAT" 2009

Handpainted warps, MX Fiber Reactive dyes.  Handwoven rayon, unmercerized cotton, cotton tape, wool weft, combination twill on 8 shafts with supplemental warp.  Fulled.  Handfelted belt, buttons and collar facing, silk sari lining. Ultrasuede buttonholes.  Burda pattern.


Frosted Florals FrontFrosted Florals BackFrosted Florals Detail"FROSTED FLORALS DRESS" 2009 (Repurposed)

Handpainted warps, MX Fiber Reactive dyes.  Handwoven rayon and silk, combination twill on 8 shafts.  Original design from draping.  Handbeaded embellishment with wrapped chenille stems.




Shadow PlayShadow Play Detail"SHADOW PLAY" 2008

Handwoven in an 8 shaft Shadow Weave (Strickler 297) from cotton, rayon and synthetics. Original jacket design, used for Garment Construction workshops. Interrupted piping for button closure, polyester lining, twist ply rope interior trim.




Stepping Stones FrontStepping Stones BackStepping Stones Detail"STEPPING STONES"  2007 (Sold/Private Collection)

Handmade felt from a Romney sheep fleece from my late mother-in-law's stash, and handmade felt from  commercially carded Romney and silk.  Dyed with Cushing Dyes and heat set in the microwave.  Felt squares were cut and pieced, using stitching and needle felting techniques with the Janome Expressions needle felting machine.  Original jacket design.  Lined with a Sari from India.
This jacket was selected for exhibit in “The Eye of the Hurricane” Juried Felting and Silk Fusion Exhibit CONVERGENCE 2008, Tampa Bay, FL Juror: Chad Alice Hagen. This piece was also selected for exhibit for Fiber Celebrated 2009 at the Center of Southwest Studies Gallery, Fort Lewis College, Durango, CO Juror: Emmie Seaman


Second Time Around FrontSecond Time Around BackSecond Time Around Detail"SECOND TIME AROUND"  2007

Pieced vest from felt scraps, (wool and silk).  Felt by Piroska Toth. Piecing techniques include stitching, binding, and needle felting with the Janome Expressions needle felting machine.  Original vest design.  Lined with a silk Sari from India.
This vest was selected for exhibit in “The Eye of the Hurricane” Juried Felting and Silk Fusion Exhibit CONVERGENCE 2008, Tampa Bay, FL Juror: Chad Alice Hagen


Forest Fire FrontForest Fire BackForest Fire Detail"FOREST FIRE"  2007

Handpainted rayon, and rayon/cotton warps.  MX Dyes.  Additional rayon bouclé warp wool singles weft.  The structure is an 8 shaft combination weave based on Strickler 274.  Lined with a silk Sari from India.  Original Design.  Inkle woven band with pick-up of cotton and rayon.  Dress sewn from a silk slub fabric, lined with a silk Sari.  Dress modified Vogue pattern.

While I was working on this piece, 17,000 acres of NJ Pine Barrens burned in an out of control wildfire, a huge loss to NJ's fragile ecosystem.


Aurora Borealis FrontAurora Borealis BackAurora Borealis Detail Fabric"AURORA BOREALIS"  2007

Handwoven cotton, rayon, and silk in plain weave.  Fabric draped on the bias with one seam.  Original pattern.




Native Woods FrontNative Woods BackNative Woods Detail Fabric"NATIVE WOODS"  2007 (Sold/Private Collection)

Vest - Handpainted Tencel, MX dyes, woven in 4 shaft twill.  Commercial rayon accents, lined with vintage alpaca fur.  Modified Burda pattern.  The skirt is sewn from a vintage cut of wool, using a Burda pattern.



Coat circa 1982Spirit Mist FrontSpirit Mist BackSpirit Mist Detail"SPIRIT MIST"  2007

Handwoven mohair, cotton, rayon in a plain weave, brushed on the loom.  Reworked from one of my original production garments, circa 1982 (photo far left), Burda pattern.  Trimmed and lined with a silk Sari from India.


Fulled with Sari FrontFulled with Sari Detail"FULLED WITH SARI"  2006

Machine fulled handwoven fabric, hand brushed mohair, rayon, and cotton.  Plain weave.  Trimmed with bias cut strips of a cotton sari from India.  Original pattern.  
This garment was created using a draping method on a dress form for an article for Handwoven Magazine, Issue 132 Nov/Dec 2006