Between the sewing machine and the loom, my journey in the fiber arts has taken more than 50 years. From an alterations business at 15, to production hand-woven clothing, to custom art to wear, my work has covered, adorned, and embellished the female body for as long as I can remember. The skills I have developed sewing unusual fabrics, such as handwovens, and the years of experience fitting the female body have made for an interesting combination of material to offer in workshops, seminars, and lectures. 

The loom continues to fascinate me, how a pile of yarn, often white, can be dyed and interlaced and a gorgeous cloth is born, I never tire of what a loom can help me create. There is always something new to try. I weave because I like to weave, and whatever comes off the loom, then becomes a raw material for futher exploration as a garment. I never plan what the cloth will become until after it is off the loom and wet finished. The unlimited possibilities for cloth from the loom, and the engineering and creativity involved in garment construction have created a lifetime of curiosity.

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